Venue Specs - Palace Theatre

Address 630 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Seating Capacity - Original Main Floor 774
Mezzanine 389
Gallery 645
Boxes 148
TOTAL 1,956
Seating Capacity - Current Main Floor 608
Mezzanine 460
TOTAL 1,068
Stage Size 40'0" wide at proscenium.
31'6" deep from smoke pocket to back wall.
36'0" to top of proscenium arch at center.
Stage Load-In Loading door up stage left (10' h x12' w) opens to alley. No loading dock.
Wing Space 20 ft. offstage x 31 ft. upstage SR, 31 ft. offstage x 31 ft. upstage SL
Gridiron Full grid at 68' above stage; three loft wells.
Counterweight System Single purchase counterweight, operates at stage level, stage right.
Orchestra Pit Permanently floored over.
Traps One stage left 6' x 5'
Curtains Screen curtain operates on electric motor DSL.
Storage Room 7' x 16' USR
Rehearsal Space None
Wardrobe Use green room area under stage.
Green Room Open area under stage outside dressing rooms.
Dressing Rooms Ten under stage; two on second floor SR; three on third floor SR.